Sex, Power and Art
I had the unique opportunity to direct a series of short films as part of the musical launch of the artist Manu Gavassi. These shorts tackle significant social issues such as the hypersexualization of the female body in the pop music industry and the industrialization of the creative process in commercial artists, illustrating how artists are often treated as products. One of the films also pays tribute to the city of São Paulo, taking viewers on a journey through the city's iconic locations.
Working closely with Manu Gavassi, we ensured that each short film stood out with its distinct aesthetic and cinematic visions. We invested considerable time in the direction of photography and art, resulting in a series that not only tells important stories but does so with aesthetic care.
The launch of these films was a tremendous success, garnering 22 million views within the first 24 hours on social media. This project was a labor of love and creativity.

Artistic Career Protection Program

"Ready to Displease​​​​​​​"
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